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Dec 9, 2012 8:00am EST
help with superstorm sandy's cleanup in all states. the request comes in the midst of a tough fiscal cliff fight and house speaker john boehner says they will review the request by the president. new york and new jersey originally asked for a combined $79 billion in aide. the states' governors say they are grateful for any help. >>> the supreme court taking up the controversial issue of gay marriage. the high court agreed to hear two important cases, prop 8 out of california and doma out of new york. a federal court recently overturned prop 8 after the measure passed by voters. the court will decide if doma violates the fifth amendment of equal protection under the law that applies to same-section couples legally married in other states. >>> today is a very happy day for same-section couples in washington state. it is the first day they can marry under the new law, legalizing gay marriage. couples began lining up for licenses early thursday morning. some courthouses opened up at midnight for the ceremonies to take place. several local judges also donated their time to marry the coupl
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am EST
survived the masacre at sandy hook elementary in connecticut. the students will resume school at a different building early next year. >> we want to be part of that movement to make that location beautiful for them and maybe take their minds off what happened and brighten their day. there's going to be a winter wonderland. hopefully they will get snowflakes from around the world. >> reporter: co-owner diane stridel said she and her business partner wanted to do something. >> i got in touch with the pta, through the church, heard this is what they really wanted people to do. so here we are here. >> reporter: some of the children making snowflakes are so young, their parents have not told them about the school shooting. >> what did you tell them what these snowflakes are for? >> just to help other children and they surprisingly didn't ask any more than that. >> reporter: butt older kids here do know about the masacre. they came to send a message. >> that they know that we care. >> do you think it's important that they know that? >> yeah. >> why? >> because they are probably very sad
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2